Teaching YOU How to Become A "Trading Entrepreneur"

Henry Zhang

Henry Zhang is a trader, entrepreneur and author. After graduated from top university and landed his dream job at investment bank, he soon realized the income model of trading hours for money was fundamentally wrong. Having a computer science degree but no business background, he self taught himself on finance and business, became successful in trading for over 10 years , started several his own line of business, eventually established steady passive income streams and earned lifestyle of financial independence. He is now sharing his own experience and innovation in his Trading Entrepreneur program.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • Why Traditional Trading Education Fail ?

    • What is Trading Entrepreneur and Why it is Necessary ?

    • My Own Story

  2. 2
    • To Trade and Success , You need to Remove All Biases First

    • Know When to Trade, What to Trade , and How Much of Trading Size

    • My Trading Formula : AlphaGen.Biz

  3. 3
    • It does not matter what markets you are in , they are all Trading markets

    • Fundamental differences between trading and investing

    • Think Differently : Reject your first reaction and always think twice

    • Time : Trade Less Hours but High Quality Performance

    • Technical Analysis: Charting as a tool to reject biased ideas , not for prediction

    • Positions: No position is good position until it makes you money continously

    • Patience : Wait a little longer to get in, even if you are right

  4. 4
    • Why run your own money even if you solely want to trade and are profitable in trading ?

    • RideSharing is straight but not ideal

    • Sell on ECommerce Marketplaces (Amazon/Ebay/Etsy)

    • Dropshipping

    • Self Publishing

    • Sell Services on Fiverr

    • Youtube

    • Sell Courses

    • Crypto & NFTs

    • Tiktok

    • Instagram

    • Startup

  5. 5
    • How I Made 50% Return from Options Trading

    • How I Made 50% Return from Futures Trading

    • How I Started My Dropshipping Business

    • How I Started My Courses Business

    • How I Started My FinTech Startup

  6. 6
    • Conclusion

  7. 7
    • Bonus 1

    • Bonus 2


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